Members of the Fire Research Group are affiliated with UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the California Community at Large

Director of the FRG: Tarek Zohdi


(1) Modeling and simulation of: (a) Advanced manufacturing processes (b) 3D printing processes (c) high-strength/light-weight fabric (d) particulate/granular flows (e) multiphase/composite electromagnetic materials (f) dynamics of swarms and UAVs (g) propagation of fires and incandescent particles

(2) Micro-structural/macro-property inverse problems-optimization and design of new materials

(3) Discrete Element, Finite Element and Finite Difference methods

To learn more about Professor Zohdi’s research, please visit the Computational Manufacturing and Materials Research Lab website.


Amarnath Kasalanati Amarnath Kasalanati


Amarnath Kasalanati


(1) Performance-based Structural Design

(2) Structural Response Control

(3) Nonlinear Analysis