Consistent with our university’s mission to serve the best interest of the State, we are a COE-SSL-LBNL working group that is working toward the development and implementation of more effective solutions for uncontrolled wildfires. It is our belief that by engaging a broad range of talent across the UCB-SSL-LBNL, we can innovate new approaches to address this challenge for the State of California, the nation and the world.


Uncontrolled wildfires are a growing problem that will continue to vex countries around the globe and drain their resources. In the popular press, year after year there are fire-horror stories such as:

If this problem is ever to be managed effectively, harmonization of modern engineering technology and environmental science is going to be needed. The Fire Research Group (FRG) consists of researchers at UC Berkeley, The Space Sciences Laboratory (Berkeley) and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs that bring together expertise in engineering science, environmental science, policy, management, ecology and forestry to bolster research in fire science, mitigation, suppression, management and control. The objective is
  • To harness modern technology and engineering science
  • To develop long-term planning strategies and near-term solutions
  • To develop on-demand rapid solutions for firefighting in real time

as a means of providing both long-term solutions and on-demand rapid solutions for firefighting in real time, harnessing modern technology and engineering science. The objective of the FRG is the incorporation of modern engineering technology involving
  1. Telecommunications and data assimilation
  2. Combustion: pyrology, toxicology, fire retardant design, etc.
  3. Large Equipment: water and human transport, etc
  4. Computer vision, infrared technologies, etc.
  5. Fire-fighter (carry-on) equipment: cameras, gas sensors, etc
  6. UAVs, UGVs, robotics, etc.
  7. Real time modeling and simulation and on-demand prediction
  8. Health issues and epidemiology
  9. Post disaster cleanup, detoxification and remediation

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